Who we are


The staff of the Gestalt Institute Nepal consists of a group of senior trainers from Europe and a group of trainers from Nepal.


People involved  since the start in 2011.


Senior trainers

Greet Cassiers (Belgium): Senior trainer, Supervisor, Co-founder

Ernst Knijff (Belgium): Senior trainer, Supervisor, Co-founder

Frans Meulmeester (The Netherlands): Senior trainer, Supervisor, Co-founder



In November 2022 Greet Cassiers en Ernst Knijff decided to resign from the staff. The reasons were strictly personal like retirement and partly health issues.

They will remain available in the background as advisory staff.


From June 2017 the staff is expanded by

Giovanni Turra (Italy): Senior trainer, Supervisor

Beatrix Wimmer (Austria): Senior trainer, Supervisor



Due to practical reasons Giovanni decided in September of 2022 not to travel to Nepal anymore,

but he will remain available for online supervision for the students and graduates.


From September 2020 we welcomed again a new member to our team

John Leary-Joyce (UK): Senior trainer, Supervisor, Coach



From 2023 two new Senior trainers will join the international team.

Toni Gilligan from the UK will start in June 2023 and Marina Serobyan will start in November 2023.



Our coordinator is Minakshi Rana from Nepal

Minakshi Rana: coordinator since 2014
also for the humanitarian projects after
the earthquakes in 2015

Minakshi Rana is supported by Nima Sherpa for the financial coordination


The Nepali staff trainers

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Ms Minakshi Rana is a practicing psychotherapist who uses Gestalt Therapy and Hypnotherapy among other techniques in order to deal with her clients' issues. She is involved in the improvement of the mental health of burn survivors through her work with the organization Asititwa Nepal, of which she is currently the president. She is also the coordinator of Gestalt Institute Nepal.



Mr. Ruban Dahal is a certified Gestalt therapist with a master's degree in Clinical Psychology. He is currently working with Nepali migrant workers. His major areas of interest are to support Children and adolescents through counseling and different therapies. 



Ms Sita Maya Thing Lama is a certified Gestalt therapist with her master degree in Clinical Psychology. She is currently providing trainings, and seeing clients. Her area of interest to understand multi-dynamic groups of people.



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Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijvingMs Hashana Shrestha is a certified Gestalt therapist. She is also licensed clinical psychologist. She has been working as mental health professional in different areas of mental health. Her major areas of interest are: school mental health, trauma, child and adolescent and global mental health.



Ms Pragya Shrestha is a certified Gestalt therapist. She has been currently engaged in adaptation of evidence-based psychosocial intervention in Nepal. Her major areas of interest are mental health, task sharing, and develop competent therapists.



Ms Pratima Tamrakar is certified Gestalt Therapist. She is currently working as a stress counselor for United Nation staffs in Nepal. Her major area of interest is to work on mental health of human being and to support them.



Ms Sheila Shrestha is a Masters in Clinical Psychology (Bangalore University). She has a work experience of 17 years as a school counselor and 10 years as a lecturer of Psychology. She has received trainings in Gestalt Therapy and in Gestalt Play Therapy, EMDR, and other modalities of play therapy. She works with children, adolescents, families, couples, and groups at A.R.C. Psychosocial care and research center. She conducts mental health awareness programs for parents and teachers and provides supervision to counselors.