Gestalt psychotherapy training program

In the course of 2022 we have opened several new training programs

and now we will open a new batch for our

Two jear Gestalt psychotherapy training program



From 2022 on we will offer , shorter programs like

  • an introduction to the Gestalt approach of 120 hours in total (for more information please look here)

  • a Gestalt counselling training program of 2 years

  • a Gestalt psychotherapy training program of 2 years.


We decided to split our Gestalt psychotherapy training program in two steps because in total it is a long lasting and deep training program that consists of  4 academic years of each about 150-200 hours. In total around 750 hours will be covered.

The first step is our Gestalt counselling training program (for more information, please look here.

And the second step will be the Gestalt prychotherapy training program which will also last 2 years. (we will put information on that program later on the website.


The training programs are developed in close cooperation with our Nepalese staff. It has a very special balance of elements of the Western Gestalt theory and practice and the Nepalese culture and experience.

The goal is to support Nepalese psychologists and psycho-social counsellors to develop their knowledge, attitude and skills in becoming a professional Gestalt psychotherapist.